We use the most advanced materials on the market today, applying only when and where we need to for the best control with the least environmental impact. 

Full Season Weed Control Program    

Our most popular service. Three Scheduled Visits and Unlimited Service Calls.

Our first application covers all of the treatable area with a preemergent barrier that will stop weeds from growing all season. 

We schedule two follow up visits to make sure the preemergent is working and spot-spray any weeds that we see.

In some cases three visits are not enough to keep your yard weed-free all season long. We offer unlimited service calls to keep those trouble spots under control. We respond in 1-2 business days and use fast-acting products to stop weed growth and ensure that the weeds quickly disintegrate. 


Poison Ivy in autumn

Poison Ivy in autumn

Poison Ivy Control 

If you spend any time in Coastal New Jersey, you’re likely to come into contact with this native vine. We can control this uncomfortable plant whether it’s wrapped around your favorite tree or growing along your flower beds.


“Over the Top” Applications

An Over The Top candidate with a lot of ornamental plants and a lawn

An Over The Top candidate with a lot of ornamental plants and a lawn

Heavily planted beds and elaborate landscapes mixed with lawns are too sensitive for our standard preemergent formulations. Our Over the Top mix allows us to be more aggressive in preventing weeds because we can spray right over your landscape plants and lawn without any risk of hurting the plants you want to keep. 

Premier Weed Control

If you have clients who expect a pristine landscape all season, or a rotation of renters in your income property throughout the summer, the normal Full Season Weed Control program might not be for you. Our Premier Weed Control program lets you decide how many visits you need and when we should be out to check on your property. Mention Premier Weed Control in your estimate request and we will contact you with more info. 


Residential Vegetation Control Services

That bamboo seemed like a good idea at the time, but now it’s running wild in yours and your neighbor’s yards! Click Here to find out more about our invasive plant control programs or request a Weed Control estimate and we will assess the best approach to getting your yard under control.


Commercial Vegetation Control Services

Please visit Advance Vegetation Management for more information.