Invasive Plant Control


We can eradicate bamboo, Japanese Knotweed, and many invasive vines in sensitive landscapes. Our application techniques can help restore your backyard without the use of heavy equipment or disruptive sitework.


Bamboo can quickly go from an effective privacy screen to a yard-consuming nightmare. When it gets out of hand we can cut it down and make sure it doesn't come back. 

Invasive Vines

Our region is being overrun with non-native vines that can invade your gardens, kill native plants, and damage your fences and siding. We can stop the vines by attacking their root system without hurting your valuable landscape. 

Japanese Knotweed

Severe infestations of this invasive plant require a multi-season, aggressive approach. Frequently it is invading from outside of your property. We can get it out of your yard and keep it from invading again.

Poison Ivy

While not an alien invasive plant, this vine can get into your yard and cause severe skin irritation. We are experts at controlling all poisonous vines on residential sites.

To get started, request a weed control estimate and mention invasive plants in the notes section.