Japanese Black Pines

The north end of Long Beach Island is densely planted with Japanese Black Pines. These non-native trees are constantly exposed to salt spray, but they thrive in the sandy coastal environment where many other native species struggle. Homeowners have come to rely on them to stabilize the land, act as a windbreak and privacy barrier, and provide some shade on their properties.

Over the past 5 years we have seen Black Pines rapidly decline due to these pests:

Engraver Beetles

There are 3 varieties of beetle attacking pine forests in New Jersey. Generally they attack trees that are under other kinds of environmental stress or weakened by other pests or diseases, but healthy trees can also be infested.

"Blue Stain" Fungus

Beetles carry the fungi Leptographium terebrantis and L. procerum when they attack a pine. This disease clogs the circulatory system of the tree and can be even more effective at killing stands of pines than the beetles.

We can protect these trees from Engraver Beetle attacks and limit the damage of existing infestations. 

Using the systemic insecticide Emamectin Benzoate delivered directly into the trunk of your pines, we can give the trees up to 2 seasons of protection from Pine Beetles. There are no other systemic products that can protect your pines. Trees that show signs of infestation will also receive an injection of fungicide to suppress the Leptographium fungi and limit the damage it can cause. 

We will also schedule 6 monitoring visits throughout each season to apply a repellent to the first 10' of your trees and monitor the rest of the landscape for insect pests. 

This infestation is changing the landscape of Long Beach Island. As a homeowner, you should consider the price of protecting your trees against the price of letting them die. Many of these pines grew from seed naturally, but if they have become important to your landscape, or if they have grown to the point that removal will be very expensive, our services may be the most cost-effective option. 

Click here to request an estimate. We will inspect your property and make cost-effective recommendations to protect your landscape and ensure that it will be sustainable into the future.