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Welcome to For-Shore Weed Control

In 1983 For-Shore Weed Control Inc. was created to bring state of the art weed control and plant protection techniques to the coastal communities of New Jersey. We strive to deliver a high quality, high value service in an ethical, environmentally responsible, professional manner.

For-Shore Weed Control Inc. offers a variety of services including:

Season Long Weed Control — Weed control for mulch, stone, sand landscapes. Three applications per season March-October. No charge for service calls!

Lawn Care — Fertilization and weed control for turf areas.

Tick Control Program — Reduces tick populations with three scheduled applications per season.

Tree and Shrub Care — Our comprehensive Tree and Shrub care program features:

HORTICULTURAL OILS:  Oil applications can be very effective in controlling Scale, Mites, Thrips, and other surface feeding pests. Spring and fall applications are recommended to suppress the pest population. Click here for more information on Horticultural Oils.

INJECTION or FOLIAR APPLICATION:  Severe pest problems may require soil injected Merit, miticides, or foliar insecticides. Application timing varies based on pest type.

FERTILIZER:  Soil testing indicates many coastal soils are deficient in calcium and magnesium. We have custom blended fertilizer solutions for these unusual soil conditions.

Twenty years in this business has taught us to constantly update our knowledge, equipment and application techniques. Our equipment enables onsite mixing for localized problems.

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