Consumer Information Notice

At the time of any application, a small disposable "posting sign" will be put on your property to indicate the area has been treated.  This sign may be removed 72 hours after the application (time and date are on the invoice).  FOR-SHORE WEED CONTROL, INC. will not be responsible for the removal of the posting sign.  Please see that these signs are disposed of properly. We will reuse the stake portion of the sign if it is left out. 

FOR-SHORE WEED CONTROL, INC. uses a variety of weed and pest control products depending on the type of pest present or anticipated and the area being treated.  We apply the lowest rates possible to accomplish effective weed and pest control. 

With all pesticide applications, reasonable precautions should be observed.  Keep off treated areas until spray has dried (usually 30 minutes).  Don't allow vegetation that has been treated to be eaten.  Do not put soil or stones in mouth after treatment.  Please do not follow applicator around to "help" during treatment.

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Weed Control

Lawn Care

Tree & Shrub Care

Outdoor Pest/Tick Control

Should you have any questions about the safety or performance of these materials, please call FOR-SHORE WEED CONTROL, INC.  We will be happy to send you a copy of the label(s) in question.  Exact dates of applications are available upon request.  Should you seek further information, we suggest the following:

National Pesticide Information Center
General Questions

NJ Poison Information & Education System Emergencies

New Jersey DEP Pesticide Control Program
(Pesticide regulation info, pesticide complaints & health referrals)

"Sanitation, as well as physical and biological control measures, should be considered as another part of a good pest control program.  Pesticides may be used as another part of a good pest control program.  Pesticides are substances used to control living organisms and vary in degree of toxicity."